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PMPS Liner Technology Group was incorporated in 2002 and has since established its presence in the Asia regions. Successfully completed lining contracts in Singapore, Malaysia Thailand and Hong Kong in the field of “No-Dig” sewer/water pipeline rehabilitation.

Our solutions are in line with the UN sustainable development goals as it provides well functioning underground pipelines for modern societies for clean water and sanitation. This diminishes the use of excavation and replacement as a repair option as our trenchless techniques causes minimal environmental impacts and produces significantly less carbon footprint. An example of using CIPP instead of traditional open cut trenching replacement for a diameter 225mm sewer, 10m in length,3m in depth reduces GHG(Greenhouse gas emissions) savings of 2 tons of CO2e and 600 Litres of diesel not burnt.

Moreover with the ease of installation, efficiency, minimal disruption to the surrounding infrastructure and sustainability are driving the growth of this technology. In parallel the confidence in trenchless technology is growing supported by technical guidelines and industry standards. The choice of trenchless technology is clear in doing our part for the environment.

Our two main offices are in Hong Kong and Singapore which were incorporated in 2002 and 2007 respectively.

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